Monday, October 23, 2006

So good yesterday, but in the morning, Marta woke up with a fever...

Something always gets in the way.

Must be her teeth - because there are no signs of a cold, just some low-grade fever and a really bad, cranky mood.

And I thought of taking her to Lavra for a walk...


  1. If her cheeks are rosy, its teething - ice cream is good :-)

  2. ice cream... my mother would kill me, i'm afraid, if she saw me giving it to her. but thanks for making me smile... :)))

    she got really feverish by the end of the day - close to 39 celcius... i'm very worried, but still hope it's teething - she sleeps more than usual but otherwise acts totally normal. cheeks are rosy. drinks my milk, eats grapes. is asleep on me now - wouldn't let me step away for even a second.

    hope we won't need a doctor tomorrow...

  3. Here in the US, they have various topical products that cause mild numbness for teething. I'm presuming there is something at least as clever as that there. Also, I seem to recall teething rings that are filled with water .. and you can freeze or refrigerate them to give some cooling sensation on the gums.

    But I am sure that you are on top of all of this, mom!

  4. My mother told me that babas used to give teething babys socks filled with fresh poppyseed!

    And fevers will be common unfortunately - the god news is that only the young can survive them - 104 F would cause serious injury to older ones but the young always bounce back - I guess the body knows it can burn out the infection.