Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Marta's still very feverish, especially at night... I haven't called the doctor - because she's not coughing, acts the same way as she always does, just takes naps more often and isn't all over the place all the time. I admit that I'm scared that the doctor would just prescribe antibiotics - I don't trust them. I think I can see where the new teeth might break through - I do hope they are the reason for her fever... But if she remains feverish tomorrow, I'll call the doctor.


  1. We can get a product called Calpol here in the UK (not sure what it's called elsewhere). Works great with my little one - stops the pain and also lowers temperature if it's a bit high. My partner's a pharmacist specialising in childcare, and says babies are more impacted by high temperatures than we are, so just by helping to lower their temp, we can help them alot.

    But she also makes sure we see a doctor if things don't look good. Don't risk it - go see a doctor if you're worried.


  2. Calpol is really only paracetamol in suspension. There are two versions for babies and older kids. I also recommend it. There's a good website as well to consult. I don't think there's anything wrong with antibiotics but the sooner you start using them the sooner they become useless,and you need something stronger. So best to wait. But I agree better to go and see a doctor and discuss it.

  3. Here's a personnel recommendation for Calpol from somebody the right age. You might like the blog too.