Friday, September 01, 2006

We may get hot water back, after all. Not sure how soon, though, and - no wonder it took them so long to get started - it's such a major undertaking...


  1. Now that is a major job. How do you like that Manly Tractor?

  2. You've been taking some eerily good pictures lately. You can even take just the people on the first one, and put them on stage, and they'd look like a carefully laid out tableau, wouldn't they? Without the yama (can't translate that one, can you) you'd need an internally dramatic pose for the young pair, of course, but you can just see it. The Outage. An existential play for the unwashed.

    Another Misha

  3. AU CONTRAIRE! - Neeka has been taking eerily good pictures for ever! She is awesomely talented.

    And the hole (yama) (for me) is hard to bear because it brings hope and all too often, I have seen activity and then nothing (like a ghost town) and then at some time in future work recommences. Unnerving because -- is it better to have hope or no hope at all? Is it easier to adapt to difficult circumstances and maintain living in hell, if you have never a glimpse of paradise?

  4. Walter has a backhoe like that and he wanted me to learn how to dig a hole with it. It isn't as easy as those guys make it look!

    Sweet picture of Marta also.