Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ha ha ha. As if someone with a weird sense of humor and good connections is reading this blog. I wanted change and here it is: a note at the entrance warns us that there'll be no gas tomorrow, from 9 am to 7 pm. Tomorrow is already today. But we'll still have electricity and phone connection, I hope. Please?

And you should hear some of my neighbors: they are losing patience, too.


Comments on the comments:

Ranger, they didn't take away the trash. I mean, they did once, but then they stopped. And I've stopped looking at our side of the lake when I'm walking with Marta at the sanatorium. Summer is too short to waste it on piles of garbage and jihads/crusades. Moreover, while garbage is the city's responsibility, or at least the district's, the water's such a local thing: if they say they don't have the money to replace the pipe, this is probably true. Or perhaps all the plumbers have died from too much vodka - and there's no way I can do anything about that, either.

Sash jan, we are part of the "presidential sanatorium" - its backyard, but still. And this is why, I guess, they never turn the hot water off here - until something gets ruined beyond repair, that is, like now. And since hot water is always there, no one has a heater, not even the guy with a nice car.

Another Misha! How nice to hear from you again! Thanks for stopping by and sitting on those benches!


  1. i've been trying for a year now to get reliable trash pickup. i've contracted a private company at my expense to remove trash. they don't come. not only do i have to pay, but i have to call, cajole and plead. i feel you pain.

  2. Well we also heard on news today, there will be no gas as of October the 1st in Bosnia!!!