Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our ants - our domestic ants - are having a wedding/mating season: hundreds of bastards and their winged bitches are all over the bathtub and on the floor under the hallway lamp.

They forced me to commit a few anticides yesterday.

In the park, there are multitudes of those tiny greenish caterpillars hanging from every single oak tree on those tiny thin threads - they are the quickest creatures I've ever seen: as soon as they touch the surface - any surface - they create a tiny, thin, almost transparent pocket over themselves and go to sleep there, waiting to metamorphose into something. We found one such caterpillar on Mishah's camera last Saturday, and they are also very fond of my umbrella and Marta's stroller.

The stroller is also very popular with little wild spiders: there's a couple nearly invisible webs on it at the end of each walk.

Our domestic spiders seem to prefer my slippers.


I'm a city girl, but I'm really enjoying all these encounters with nature - no matter how much I complain.


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  1. Last I heard, the ones with wings are the males.