Thursday, June 22, 2006

A local boy killed a kitten and blinded two more a few days ago here. Poked their eyes out. Deliberately. For fun.

I didn't see it. Mishah heard the neighbors discuss it. "Never leave Marta alone outside when this boy's around," he told me, before describing what the boy had done.

The boy's 6 or 7, nothing memorable. When I first noticed him, he didn't want to share his roller skates with another kid - and that other kid called him zhlob, a slightly rude way of telling someone he's greedy (though not the only meaning of the word; it also means 'a redneck').

An older kid tried to kick the boy's ass for the kittens, but a neighbor from the second floor told him to stop, said he was no better himself if he could beat a small, helpless boy.

(Me, I don't think the boy's helpless. I think he should learn what pain feels like, someone's gotta show him, maybe next time he'll think twice.)

He's not from a poor family: his roller skates aren't something many people here would afford.

I looked at him again after Mishah had told me about the kittens and it made me shiver: what is it like for his parents, I thought, to look at their sadist of a son and know that one day he'll end up in jail - because one day kittens won't be enough for him anymore.

I told our landlady about it.

She said the boy's father was a former cop. She used the word ment - and she wasn't saying it tenderly.

She had no doubts that the boy would never end up in jail, even if he deserved it - thanks to his ex-cop dad.


  1. What a sick little bastard. That punk should be slapped until he dehydrated from crying.

    Those kids without education become adult monsters. I hardly think its neglect, in those cases, the brat is encouraged, and given a pat on the back, by relatives who usually call him "champ".
    a real "winner".(of human stupidity)

    The older boy should have kicked the shit out of this boy, and the neighbour for such a sorry excuse.

    This vaguely reminds me when some "hooligans" murder someone, and some people treat them as if it some sort of "naughty boys" who did a small mischief.

    Its so disgusting when a kid does something completely out of line and has adults protecting him afterwards..

    Without wanting to sound moralistic, i think the problem is that these days people don't fear enough, no fear of God, no fear of nothing. so they can do anything they feel like it.

    Well, if God exists, please throw a lightning bolt on this little punk.

    P.S.- I like cats, but if it was a dog i would feel the same.

  2. Oh wow, that is such a frightening story. The boy is clearly a budding sociopath; if he doesn't get help now, he'll grow up to be someone who does truly evil things to other humans, because he won't be capable of feeling empathy.

    I think the cut-off age for effective psychological help is 10, but I'm not sure.

    I can't imagine what kind of parents he must have. I mean, I don't want to imagine. Horrible.

  3. This is just horrible. I think such people are beyond sick they are evil. The problem of evil is not sociological it is theological. Some people deliberately extinguish the divine spark in them that God has given each of us.