Monday, June 19, 2006

It's official: my husband's clairvoyant!!!!!!!!!


I'm trying to sms him, but the messages aren't going through - because, I guess, the whole country is sms-ing at this very moment.

We have won with the score from Mishah's tonight's dreams - 4:0. And there was a goal by Kalynychenko (I've just noticed that he's very cute), which they didn't count (there was that triple fall then, right? - one Ukrainian, one Saudi, and the Saudi goalie...) - so this is the explanation for the 1:0 thingy. Ha!

Rebrov's goal was such a beauty - I'm very happy for him, very happy that he's doing great again, after years of obscurity!

A very happy day.


  1. Honey, I'm home!!!!

    Not too much drunk and very happy!

  2. All readers have to know (probably non soccer fans). That were the first 4 Worldcup goals Ukraine ever did!!!

  3. "...after years of obscurity."

    yeah, playing for Fenerbahce. Hah!

  4. Including Fenerbahce.

    Which Istanbul team do you prefer, Litmus, if any?

    I watched a Fenerbahce game just once - and they let Rebrov out for the final 30 seconds or so - which was terribly upsetting.

    (How much I miss Turkey you have no idea.)

  5. Congratulations Ukraine!

    Couldn't see all of the match because some sports channel bought the rights for transmission! thieves!

    But, from what i saw, amazing goals, particularly that "Canon-foot" Rebrov, and Shevchenko's head-Goal.

    Tunisia should be a little harder, but if Ukraine keeps playing like this they will win for sure.

    Good luck!!

    P.S.- My sources led me to conclude that many Russians were also quite happy with this win. Slavic brotherhood, like Eurovision, Slav countries voting for each other :D

    But perhaps Mishah could better confirm this.

    I think there's a great chance Ukraine will reach the Semi-Finals at least.

  6. I am unfortunately a Fenerbahce supporter. Unfortunate because I haven't been enjoying their style of play for long time now. But at least we have our Appiah on the Ghana squad.