Monday, November 14, 2005

Someone hacked today, according to Marina Litvinovich, the site's creator (links in Russian). It's back online now, or at least a big part of it, thanks to several people who, miraculously, have kept backups. The provider's backup was dated Jan. 30, 2005, the time when the site did not exist yet.


Maybe this is unrelated to the first-anniversary hysteria - but if it is, I really don't understand why.

The site's main content is the transcripts of Nurpasha Kulaev's trial - not Marina Litvinovich's or anyone else's opinions on what happened in Beslan last year. (And even if there're personal views on the site, what's wrong with it?)

The transcripts may, of course, prove dangerous: they aren't verdicts and anyone reading them is free to form their own opinions.

I wonder how many people have the heart to read the transcripts, though. I also wonder if there's still a single soul out there that hasn't yet formed an opinion on Beslan and the personalities involved.

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  1. I must say, im not very well informed about the situation, i have heard rumours of excess of force, or late intervention, or unwillingness to talk to the terrorists in Beslan, to get the hostages safe, but i don't know what to believe in.

    From an abstract perspective the situation can be debated, but from a personal perspective its a bit too insane to even comprehend, particularly after seeing pictures of the children inside before it all happened.

    Im no one to give you advice, but, this subject is a bit dark..