Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm at the hospital now, for the next five days or so, not exactly sure what for. Had an IV for the first time in my life today, not scary at all. Glucose and some other stuff to feed the baby, they say.

The place is wonderful - I can even blog from my room! Everyone's very sweet, everything's clean, and in general, it feels more like a nice hotel than a hospital, especially in the bathroom. If only there were more places as good as this one in this country...

The windows don't open (perhaps to prevent women suffering from post-partum depression from doing something awful), and it's a bit too hot for me here - and that's a minus. But I could hear the heartbeat of a neighbor's unborn baby in the room next to mine (very quiet, but it's impossible to mistake it for anything else), and that was so moving - which is definitely a plus. (They did attach this heartbeat monitor thing to me, too, today, for about 20 minutes, and all of a sudden I realized that this busy little pump has been working inside me, alongside my own heart, all these months...)



  1. wow, nice room! a modern bed with wheels, a flatscreen tv (sony?), a phone, a radiator (perhaps you can rotate that thingy to be less warm), and a desk-like tray, and some plugs to connect all sorts of equipment! nice! :)

    I suspect this room is the envy of many journalists throughout the world with far worse "offices".

    Good luck Veronica!

  2. Goddamn encoding... I wonder what you said, Andrei... :-)))

    Mojesh eto latinitsey napisat'? Pojaluista!!!

  3. great, good news! Your last posts about visiting a doctor were rather scary, that´s fine here.