Friday, November 26, 2004

If I'm not posting anything here for a while, please know that it is either because Blogger isn't working properly or because my internet connection is too lousy (when it gets better, I'm either gone or asleep, depending on the time of the day).

Thank you all for your support and good wishes.


  1. From California - because of your NY Times article this morning many thousands of people will look at your site - please know that and keep us informed

  2. HI Veronica, I liked your Guardian post very much.


  3. Hi Veronica - this is a great blog and please keep on posting on-the-ground commentary. It is very difficult to get any decent information in English from the vents in Ukraine.

    BTW, it seems to be impossible to register with Blogger to get an account for your blog. Only anonymous posts are allowed. Also, it seems awfully slow when trying to post a comment.


  4. You may want to tell you readers that they can only post anonymously. The Blogger system rejects any attempt to register.

    Is there any decent news portal in English for the current events in Ukraine? I cant seem to find anything interesting besides the standard media portals.

    Also did you read that article by Jonathan Steele of The Guardian? That wretched thing who calls himself a journalist had very nasty things to say about the democracy movement in Ukraine. He cared more about blasting the US in that article, than he cared about representative government in Kiev.

    Steele makes the claim that if Yushchenko was president, he would also rig the voting process. And then he complains why did western governments and NGO's conduct an exit poll of the elections. This cynical decrepit fascistic attitude on his behalf just shows the prevailing Guardian culture of sucking up to the nearest fascist, ultra nationalist, or Islamist.

    Since Guardian violated your Intellectual Property rights, you may want to make a fuss about this with the Guardian, in order to get back at Steele.


  5. dear veronica -

    thank you so much for your blog and for your contribution to the new york times. i am a student myself and amazed at at you and your fellow citizens' organization and sustained will to make sure that democracy wins. know that we in the united states support you, if that means anything, and we will continue to closely follow the events in kiev. our best wishes for a peaceful ending to this crisis. take care of yourself, and don't ever lose hope - i'm sure you realize that your generation is the next to create its own chapter in history, just as central europe did in '89, and most recently georgia.

    heartful wishes for success,

    new york

  6. Hi from England. I read your wonderful piece on the internet and just wanted to wish you every luck in your struggle for democracy. The Ukraine crisis is dominating the media in England, even if it isn't in the state media in the Ukraine! Everyone is very supportive of you, keep going!

    Democracy won in Georgia and Serbia and the Baltic states and Czechoslovakia and East Germany and it's going to win in the Ukraine. Every nation has had to fight to be free from oppression and authoritarianism and this is your time. I hope these will be the best days of your life!

    Good luck!! Even my Russian girlfriend supports you! Nick Mallory. England.

  7. Hi Neeka,

    I've just read your blog here in Australia - yes the events in Kiev are news here on the other side of the world too. Keep up the good work, its good to hear of events from someone on the street rather than a journalist or political commentator. I admire the courage of your people in standing up and demanding democracy. I wish you and the Ukranian democracy movement well & hope all will be resolved peacefully.

  8. Dear Neeka,
    Thank you for your excellent piece in the the NYTimes of today. Your struggle in Ukraine is being watched closely by us here in the U.S., and we support you in your quest for legitimate government. Keep up the good work.
    Dan in Massachusetts

  9. Hi Veronica,
    I want you to know that people from the other end of the old Russian empire stand together in spirit with the wonderful brave people of Ukraine. I hope that in the end your election will turn out better than our's did earlier this month. Peace and Hope!
    JP in Alaska

  10. Pozdrowienia z Polski!!!

    Greetings from Poland!!!

    Lots of people in Poland are wearing orange clothes and participate in demonstrations to show the solidarity with Ukraine. Shops are running out of orange ribbons! Groups of Polish students go to Kiev to be there with you, perhaps you have seen them carrying Polish and Ukrainian flags.

    Polish press are delivering fresh information about the situation in Ukraine all the time. I have noticed that the news reported by our journalists appear faster and are more reliable than those of western newspapers.

    The biggest Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza printed today a special edition in Ukrainian and sent it to Kiev. You can also download it here:

    You can, as well, have a look at the Wyborcza's website:,59825.html
    I think you will understand a at least little bit of Polish.

    Polska z Wami!

    Jeszcze nie umarla Ukaina!

    Shche ne vmerla Ukraina!



  11. Is there any decent news portal in English for the current events in Ukraine?There's a list at a longer one at

  12. I tried for an hour to post something at blogspot and it would not save.

    You have single handedly brought to its knees.

    Good work ;)

  13. Neeka,

    As the first comment here says, you should understand that with your appearance in the New York Times and Guardian these past couple of days, you have become the western voice of Ukrainian democracy, much in the way that Salam Pax was for Iraq during the recent war. We need to hear your voice. Write whenever you can. You are being heard.

    God bless and speed your way to freedom,

    Todd in Michigan

  14. Dear Veronica,

    Like many of the other posters here I found your weblog from the NYTimes, but I read the story in the newspaper because I had already heard coverage of the situation on the World Service which has it as the headline news item.

    The world's attention is on Ukraine right now, we sympathise with your plight and respect the way that you have gone about your demonstrations peacefully. I sincerely hope that everything works out for you and that justice and democracy prevail.

    Clare (from England but living in Bermuda)

  15. Great piece in NY Times. For me, here in the US, where we have just had our second consecutive fraudulent presidential election, it is delicious to see young people in the streets of Kiev peacefully and courageously standing up for what's right- doing it for all of us. I forwarded the NYT op ed to a number of friends with my comments, pasted below:
    Quick! Guess which election they're talking about?

    "A concerted and forceful program of election-day fraud and abuse was enacted with either the leadership or cooperation of governmental authorities..." - Republican Senator Richard Lugar

    "...there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse... What we stand for is free, fair, open elections"- Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell

    "There's just a lot of allegations of vote fraud that placed the result of the election in doubt."- Republican President George W. Bush

    Yeah. Right. Uh-huh.

    Below: inspiration for all us victims of venal vote-stealing villains- in Ukraine, or in Florida, or in Ohio.
    (and at the end of your column:)

    ...hey, who knows, sooner or later maybe Americans will learn how to say "My razom, nas bagato, i nas ne podolaty!"
    Please stay strong and safe and keep up the good work.- Rob in Chicago-

  16. The time has come for all Ukrainians to go out and make a show of force against corruption during the presidential election. This means the young, the students, laborers, miners, and even the pensioners. Create some kind of underground network which can get food and firewood into Kiev for those demonstrators who are hungry. Start a schedule of shifts or hourly rotations so that people are on station around the clock. And do not stop!!!!

    The worst part about the news getting to us in the US is that Russia is behind the generation of fake (not real) absentee ballots. I would think that, if Russia is involved, then all Ukrainians from Rovno to Dnetropetrovsk would be called to duty to stand up and show their force. Best wishes.

  17. Good luck and stay safe. My family wishes your family the best and want you to know our thoughts are with you. Here near Seattle, U.S.A. we have orange on our house and orange ribbons on our car antenna. We all can do our own little bit to help.

  18. Veronika - I'd like to thank you again for your invaluable work in bringing such well-written firsthand information about the situation in Ukraine to a wider audience. Yes, your blog was in the print edition of The Guardian this morning.

    I do hope you can resolve the technical difficulties soon and begin posting again, but mainly I want you to know that many many people here and all over the world are thinking of you and all Ukrainians at this time, and we all hope that a peaceful solution, resulting in the election of Yushenko as president, emerges soon.

    Best wishes from Lancaster, UK

  19. i hope blogger lets you post again soon... there was a 15 second blurb on the events in ukraine on the NBC nightly news this evening - all it said was that the protestors have begun to clash with riot police after the meeting between Yushchenko and Yanukovich failed to yield a solution.... and that was it.

  20. I am a Ukrainian-American living in New York City, and would just like to ask you to pass along my best wishes, my support, and my love to all the heroes braving the cold and the elements out on the streets of Kyiv. We are demonstrating here in front of the UN tomorrow morning, our hopes, our prayers, and our optimism is with all of you!
    Freedom, democracy, and justice WILL PREVAIL - Razom nas bahato, the free world is with you, KEEP THE FAITH !

    Much love from New York,
    Adrianna Melnyk