Friday, November 26, 2004

Also, The Guardian had two of this blog's entries in its online edition.

It feels wonderful but weird, sort of unreal.

P.S. A friend has just written me that the Guardian has it in its print edition as well!


  1. Please keep the news from the streets updated - it is hard to find out what's happening in Kiev

  2. Yes, I must agree.One can not watch German TV all the day through to get a 10 sec statement from Kiev streets. It is a waste of time. Please keep on writing.

  3. From California - because of your NY Times article this morning many thousands of people will look at your site - please know that and keep us informed

  4. Greetings from Helsinki! That link in the Guarding pages makes you a truly globally known commentator for a moment at least :-) Personal reports in this blog-thing are fantastic when one tries to discover the grass root feelings and impressions in Kiev. It's great how you report on what's happening, including the rumours and occasional disbelief, not to mention the continuity of everday life in that corner bar society and the football field :-) Good luck for you and Ukraine!

  5. Hello from England!!
    It's true, the blog was in The Guardian, in fact that is where i saw the link to find your page. It makes amazing reading, and is good to get a real life version of what is happening, as opposed that of the media's version.

    i am finding the whole thing very inspirational and am glued to the news. i wish we could have done something similar here to have stopped the Iraqi war from happening. 1 million+ of us walked that day, we should have stayed, like you brave Ukrainians...

    I saw footage of a girl putting a flower into the sheild of a member of the riot police and was just blown away. She was talking to him as she was doing it, and he started smiling at her .. and it was just the most amazing show of how the love and goodness in people will always be our saviour...

    thank you

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