Saturday, November 27, 2004

It's almost 6 am, Kyiv's awake - honking and shouting all night - I've never seen this city so energetic, especially this time of the year. Everything's peaceful, no incidents here - though something really bad is going on in Kharkiv right now - but I won't write about it now because it's almost 6 am...

I've spent too much time in the past two days talking it all over with friends and colleagues, and I'm really too tired to be informative now. So here's the link to the photos I took this week, except Wednesday (I stayed in writing most of that day) and Friday (I'll post them tomorrow/today). No explanations yet - I promise to write more this weekend.

(The image below is of two Ukrainians with differing views having a conversation across the street from the Cabinet of Ministers building; the guy on the left is pro-Yanukovych, the one on the right is pro-Yushchenko. More later.)


  1. Great work! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Neeka. The photo you have published shows the pro Yanokovych guy to be wearing orange ribbons and orange sweater. Obviously he is an agent provocateur. These people would love to start a brawl with the security forces in order to invite the drunken lumpen gangs imported from the east.

    It is important that the demonstrators show an overwhelming force of strength in the meydans and the streets. These fascist gangs are just waiting for a thinning of the crowds in order to launch attacks.

    Neeka what do you think is going to happen if on Monday the Supreme Court rejects the challenge to the integrity of the vote? Also Yushchenko says he would accept new elections on 12/12. But how is he going to assure monitoring of the voting process in such a short time? Would Kuchma agree to a vote without absentee ballots?

  3. Dear Veronica,
    I'm an Italian blogger from Milan, my name is Emanuele. On my little blog, carloemilio, I'm translating short quotes from your posts of these days into Italian. Hope you don't mind, anyway I always indicate where it all comes from and link any single quotation to the original.
    Thank you so much for what you're doing, I wish for an happy end to your struggle.

  4. Great maps of the voting per province and the extent of "extra voting" as distributed by through the provinces can be found here.

    And look what junk the fascist-left is writing - that the democratic revolution in Ukraine is just a US plot to grab Ukrainian oil (there is no oil in UA), so it must be grab the oil pipelines that deliver russian oil and gas? This is UNBELIEVABLE. Shame on these people.

  5. Thanks for the great pictures, Neeka! It's wonderful to be able to see what's actually happening on the ground. I feel inspired! It's makes me want to fly a Yushenko flag here in the US, but I have no idea where to find one here. Any ideas, fellow bloggers?