Monday, November 29, 2004

After a month of crisp (and not so) political slogans, to watch the Supreme Court session is a torture. Not just for me, it seems, but for Yanukovych representative Stepan Havrysh as well - at one point he wasn't able to get through the legalese of the judge's question and the judge had to repeat it...

Yanukovych people are trying hard to postpone it all: they've asked the court to invite heads of regional election commissions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as witnesses - it sounded like they'd have to wait for at least 15 people - and the opposition's counterargument was that their complaint referred to violations not just in those two regions but throughout Ukraine. A pro-Yanukovych female lawyer who read that request, got too emotional later and had to apologize to the judges, yes, for growing too emotional...

Someone complained there were too many cameras and journalists in the room, and that they could not work in such conditions, and the judge asked the press to move over a bit - not because he was against them being there, but because it indeed was too crowded. What I'm not getting is why they couldn't find a bigger room to hold the whole thing in? Didn't they expect the media would be interested?


  1. I have a rumor I need to get the scoop on. In nikolaev people are saying that the people participating in the rallies are paid 50 hrivnas. Any truth to that?


  2. I was told that this was reported on Channel 5. Find it hard to believe, especially 5 reporting it but somebody is asking me.


  3. How are you and your husband holding up? For us out here on the edge of town, we have had a lot of tension with all the uncertainty but I imagine that you both have had to deal with a lot more being at ground zero. We finally got too tired to be tense anymore. Maybe easier for us out here.

    Hope you both are holding up alright.

  4. Those are rumors EB. People are not getting paid there. Would you stand out in cold weather for seven days for only ten dollars a day? Ukrainians are cheap labor, but not that cheap. Just kidding. My brother told me that it all reminds him as if Ukraine have won the World Cup and people are celebrating.

    -- Mishah

  5. EB - the rumours you have heard and repeat make no logical sense. You are saying that on the 3rd night where 1,000,000 people rallied, that they were paid 50 hvirnas ($10) each?

    Do you have any idea what a logistical operation that would entail? You need about 1,000 people standing at the exit to this rally each with a huge bag of cash, and handing them out 50H at a time, and then somehow stopping the recepient to go to the back of the line and receving a second and third serving?

    What hogwash nonsense.

    Not a single photograph of these valets paying out 50H per person? Not even a corroboration of such gossip by some journalist? Nobody has seen or remembers these 1,000 valets and the long lines of payees? Nowadays, even an 8 year old carries a digital camera and can post pictures on the internet.

    Find me one picture, and I will take it back that this is hogwash.


    Truth has a way to come out, to the chagrin of the obscurantist.