Monday, November 29, 2004

This female lawyer on Yanukovych's team is making such a circus out of it all: she sounds nervous and immature and more aggressive than is proper (especially compared to her opponent from Yushchenko's team), and she keeps asking him questions (e.g., If your rights hadn't been violated at the CEC meeting, would you... - a what if? type of question) and then complains she's not getting the answers - and the judge keeps telling her that her opponent should be answering not to her but to the court - over and over again, until some guy sitting next to Havrysh covers his eyes with his hand and then motions her to stop... They'll probably kill her afterwards - her whiny/bitchy tone and ignorance of the basic procedures discredit Yanukovych people as much as everything else.

The Supreme Court has allowed Yushchenko's team to bring in a member of the CEC as witness - Knyazhevych, one of those who refused to sign the final results protocol.

The judge has also allowed Yanukovych's team lawyers more time to study the materials - till 10 am tomorrow (he should've also sent that woman back to law school).

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  1. As a US law professor, married to a UA law professor, I am VERY pleased to see some impressions of the legal action in the Supreme Court.

    Our own environmental law colleagues in Ukraine have also encountered such lack of professionalism on the part of government lawyers during cases.

    Perhaps after a new President assumes power, the courts will become more independent and, in turn, government lawyers will have to become more professional in order to survive such independence.