Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanks for the link, Julinka: from the Moscow Times, about the sign language interpreter and the Ukrainian TV in general...

Dmitruk said she had not received much of a response from the deaf community to her silent revolt, though her deaf father sent her a fax informing her that someone had contacted him to say he had seen the broadcast.

According to Dmitruk, a secretary at the television station fielded a call from a viewer shortly after the broadcast who asked, "Are you aware of the kinds of things your sign-language anchor is saying?"

"She told him 'Of course we know, and we support her 100 percent,'" Dmitruk said. "Of course this wasn't true. She didn't know what I had said. So she came back to tell me about the call and said, 'OK. Now tell me exactly what you said.'"

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