Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ten years since Georgy Gongadze's disappearance today.

Yuri Kravchenko, who is said to have committed a suicide in 2005 by shooting himself in the head twice, is in the news again, as the one who ordered to kill Gongadze (UKR).

A few months ago, I found a tennis magazine near my mailbox, picked it up and ran into a piece about an "international" junior tennis tournament that was launched in 2008 in Kravchenko's memory by his daughter and a charitable foundation named after him.

Kravchenko Cup. This past spring, the tournament was held for the third time, just outside Kyiv.

I meant to write about it here, but kept getting distracted. Today, I decided to google it, and here's their site - (RUS).

Two sentences about Kravchenko from the text on the tournament's history (it is making me sick to try translating the rest - and today it would be a sacrilegious thing to do):

[...] A statesman who was used to thinking globally, Yuri Kravchenko understood that in order to eliminate crime, much attention had to be paid to the development of sports. He thought that it would help thousands of children to follow a healthy and happy path. [...]


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  1. Sad, weird story. Thanks for the reminders though.