Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love this blog dearly, but keep cheating on it.

Tumblr is where I am most of the time now.

I moved there after all my iPhone Twitter apps started acting up, refusing to let me in. I still have no idea why it happened. At some point, I lost my patience and deleted them all. I used TweetDeck for a while, but it kept crashing, so I deleted it, too. I continue to post on Twitter occasionally from my computer. But when I'm not home, I post my iPhone pictures on Tumblr. These posts are automatically mirrored on Twitter and Facebook. And there's a sidebar Twitter feed on this blog as well.

I can't figure out the commenting system on Tumblr - I don't think there is any - but that's a minor problem, I guess.

I sort of hate this chaos, but can't do anything about it. And I really enjoy my new freedom from the 140 characters limit - an addiction.

Some of the places where I might be when I'm online but not here:

- Tumblr

- Twitter
- Twitpic

- Flickr

- Facebook

- Global Voices Online
- Work Log

- Linklog

1 comment:

  1. Hi Neeka,

    Your photos are well composed and interesting. I have trouble with Blogger when inserting photos... spacing problems.

    Tumblr seems a good alternate platform.

    Now you are added to my Follows for Networkedblogs.