Sunday, June 08, 2008

Walked by Eric's Bierstube at Ploshcha Tolstogo yesterday, was horrified by the Nazi stuff on the walls in the courtyard there:

This last one most likely refers to a McDonald's nearby - "Don't eat shit."

Reminds me of St. Pete five years ago, but to be seeing it here hurts a lot more.


  1. The guy’s name is Carl Cox. He will perform in Kyiv on June 14, the day McCartney will rock at Maidan.

    Why did they write that Nazi shit in English and Russian only? They should have written it in Ukrainian — to make it look more “local” — a branding strategy pursued by local affiliates of Russian racist networks.

  2. A handicapped Nigerian man was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Solomensky district on May 29.

    Wtf is happening in our country? Five years ago, we only had a few isolated incidents. Today, with Ukraine infiltrated by DPNI and other monsters, hardly a month passes without racially motivated murder.

    How long will Ukraine be importing hate crime practices from Moscow? How long will our law enforcement turn a blind eye to these heinous crimes?

  3. I have been looking for a while at this last picture, a maelstrom of shortcuts and symbols of our era, an awkward combination of ideologies.
    I think press agencies would pay a lot for it : the rude but meaningful slogan just on top of (apparently) a MacDonald employee having a smoke. ... and this swastika (by the same hand?).
    It keeps me pondering on what human development is about.

    Thank you Veronica. Bone-chilling but ... food for thought.

  4. Hello, Veronica.

    There is a project of Amnesty International for online documentation of Nazi graffiti in Ukraine. See