Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Here are two more pics for the 'Turks in Ukraine' series at The Turkish Invasion (the first installment featured my shot of Karadeniz Cafe at Poznyaki).

KATYA + LEYLA = arkadashiki: a Ukrainian-Turkish friendship, Tatu-style, sort of (arkadaş is 'friend' in Turkish):

"Dudu Döner - Turkish shawarma" - near Svyatoshyn metro station:



  1. I see that you have a talent for this :) nice work

  2. Dear Veronica,
    Shawarma is not doner, indeed. Would you please take a peek on that one?

  3. this is what it said on the kiosk sign: turkish shawarma. perhaps it's easier to sell it this way in kyiv - because somehow shawarma was here first, i remember it from around 1995 - what was the name of that place, mish jan? montanya? :))) - while döner must be a relatively new thing here :)

  4. yes, montanya or something like this, a lebanese place at volodymirska between tolstogo and saksaganskogo.