Monday, May 26, 2008

We've had enough of Chernovetsky (this, more or less, is the meaning of the sticker above), but it looks like he's just been re-elected.

I voted for Klichko. Even though I'd heard enough about the evil people on his team to convince me that he's no good, either, I figured that at least he's got a name to lose if he, once elected, chose to be counterproductive and destructive as mayor.

But he hasn't made it, which is not surprising.

And - I'm really disgusted with Yulia because of her Turchynov project.


  1. Who knows, maybe it was meant to be this way. More land grabs, more anger, more votes for BYuT in the presidential election.

    However, this strategy can also result in voter apathy, not anger.

  2. Yes, it's a risky strategy. Reminds me of the Russian opposition's self-inflicted fiasco in the 2003 Duma election.

  3. Cosmos is not that bad after aLL. He's so funny, with aLL his gnomes: that debilic smile of "Denis Bass", translated every so often through subway screens, or gesticulating neurasthenics "Irena Kilchits'ka" .. -- ain't it funny to watch that whore ? .. I'm delighted that kalach-headed woman didn't do in. (Though, personally i didn't cast a vote this time, coz i'm ;-)

  4. My colleagues in Ukraine have diagnosed Chervonetskii as a borderline schizophrenic, basedon his television appearances.

    Just got back from Kiev yesterday. Mildly depressed at the absolute open cycnicism and blatant corruption of the whole bunch of bastards, especially when ordinary people's needs are so modest.

  5. I thought that neighborhood looked familiar. . . (We lived near metro station Pozhnyky.)