Friday, March 07, 2008

I feel like I'm trapped inside a huge snowball, rolling downhill at a breakneck speed. I feel the way I felt last summer, when every little disaster later turned out to be a prelude to something bigger.

But we're going to Istanbul next week, all three of us. I guess I should thank the Finns and the Italians for that - but no, I won't. Well, okay, it's not such a big deal: thank you.


  1. Dear Veronika,
    Happy Mother's Day! I hope the Mum will be spoiled with a nice gift, just like her little girl.

    And ... thank you for the Maximishin link below.What a great photographer!

    Have a nice holiday

  2. Yes, great photography link. Thanks.

  3. Veronichka, pozdravliaju tebia s vesnoj i so vsem horoshim, chto ona prinosit!

  4. At a dinner last night with friends, one brought up a Ukrainian ad for military contract service that had run on Ukrainian tv (and YouTube) and said that Mishah Smetana had translated the dialogue from Ukrainian for her. Mir tesen.

    I wish you a safe, relaxing trip to Istanbul. Have a lot of balik ekmek.

  5. I liked the Maximishin site too. Maybe everyone is already aware of the site below, but it is new to me and quite interesting. A metric sh#t ton of photos of out of the way places around eastern Europe and Asia. Talking about travel, this guy seems to have it pretty good.