Friday, February 22, 2008

This Ukrainian lullaby, performed by Nina Matvienko, moves me to tears:

My other favorite is this Yiddish lullaby:

The whole project - - is totally wondrous and amazing.


And here are three audio clips of Mykola Fokin, a Ukrainian singer, who was also my maternal grandmother's cousin:

Де ти бродиш, моя доле?
Муз. Марка Кропивницького, обробка для голосу і ф-но В.Заремби
Дует з П.Кармалюком

Київський вальс
Слова А.Малишка, муз. П.Майбороди
Хорова капела та симфонічний оркестр Українського радіо
Солісти: М.Шевченко, М.Фокін


  1. super! treba svoemu Malyaci ce pozakazty ;)

  2. along the same lines: check out this cool collection of Ukrainian verses online:

  3. Thank you for this wonderful set! It really makes you dream your way back to childhood!:) (But not this kind of enfant terrible childhood.)

    «Київський вальс» (Як тебе не любити, Києве мій…) That’s one of my favorite songs!

    Great voices sure run in your family. And I guess you really must miss Kyiv!

  4. Beautiful, I borrowed one. Thanks for posting them :)

  5. Wow, those are great. Made me cry too, but then everything does after you've had a baby...


  6. Oops! I stand corrected: «Київський вальс» and «Києве мій» are two separate songs. I love them both and tend to confuse them:)