Monday, October 01, 2007

The best justification for this election: Moroz is out.


And the world is all over Yulia again - here're some google searches that have brought visitors to this blog today:

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Yulia-maniac googling reports from two years ago are here and here.

There've also been a few searches for Yushchenko, one for his son, Andriy Yushchenko - and one for Vyacheslav Pikhovshek. Is Pikhovshek still around?

P.S. (10/04): Here's one more - someone from Cairo is googling for the "truth about mrs. timoshenko hairdo."

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  1. I thought the following was cute as at least they are upfront with their attitude.

    "Dept. of Prime Minister Cover Girls"
    "Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is claiming victory in Sunday’s national elections (in Ukraine) and the Orange Revolution blah blah blah oh my god she is still smoking hot. She’s kind of goth and habitually wears this weird “crown of hair” hairstyle — known locally as the “Yulia,” which means her name in Ukrainian — but we still support Ms. Tymoshenko as the world’s finest PMILF.

    Her beauty is yet another tragic example of what experts call “The Slavic Curse,” in which all the women are impossible babes and all the men look like Yeltsin, and even the rare handsome politician is immediately poisoned to make him look like this. Anyway, good luck with whatever your party stands for, Yulia!"'-of-prime-minister-cover-girls/worlds-hottest-pmilf-maybe-wins-ukraine-election-305692.php