Sunday, September 30, 2007

A pile of crumpled newspapers lay in the corner of our shitty elevator today. Not even newspapers, but those free ad things, the "spam" that's being regularly delivered to our mailboxes.

I glanced at them - and then again, more carefully. I had just voted for Tymoshenko - and now I was seeing her name, along with the words Vybir 2007 ("The choice of 2007") at the unlikeliest of places. It was really eye-catching, despite the ad's really tiny size and the elevator's dim lighting:

This is the most hilarious Yulia's ad I've ever seen - because it's not. And it is.

It's actually an ad for a bathroom/kitchen utilities store (santekhnika) - located ... ha-ha ... on vul. Tymoshenko, 19 - a street named after Marshal Tymoshenko:



  1. Hello Veronica
    I felt happy this morning when reading in the newspapers that the Orange had made a breakthrough. Thanks to your blog I understand much better what it is about! Like in real life!
    I think Timoshenko toilets will sell everywhere now! lol
    Take care
    Genevieve from Switzerland

  2. Genevieve, Yanukovych toilets will probably outsell them;)! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

    What's your take on vybir 2007, Veronica?:) Not bad, isn't it? Together, we've carried Tymo to another level:)!

  3. Who could believe it? She won! She is in the headlines all over the planet :
    Will this mean liberté, Egalité, Fraternité?
    And when is the UE adhesion planned?

  4. That is indeed a clever ad!!!