Saturday, July 14, 2007

A new photoset on Flickr - 71 pictures from my very quick trip to Kozyn this past Monday.


If you take a marshrutka, Kozyn is about 40 minutes from Vydubychi subway station. Roundtrip (marshrutka + subway) cost me 5 hryvnias - $1 - and it wasn't awful at all. The road gets a bit too bumpy at times, but a private car wouldn't have made it smoother. Moreover, it would've suffered more damage than the poor old marshrutka.


I went there to check on a sanatorium someone has recommended to us - Prolisok. A dozen or so photos at the beginning are from there. But I could see right away that the place wasn't good for us - way too many stairs for our stroller and Mishah's crutches. And in general, I've been spoiled by our last year's place, Pushcha Ozerna, which was a very well-maintained sovok, while Prolisok is a rather unkempt sovok.


I then walked all the way through Kozyn, back to the main road to Kyiv, taking pictures along the way.

Kozyn's main street used to be Lenin Street, but then the Ukrainian opera singer Anatoliy Solovyanenko died in Kozyn in 1999 and was buried at the local cemetery, and at some point the street acquired his name.

At least one building still had the old street sign attached to the fence, along with the new one:


Kozyn is a nice place, much cleaner than Gorenka, not as crowded, and with more "nice" houses. But in many ways the two places are very much alike.


I really loved this - a campaign poster from last year on a street pole next to Kozyn's church:

The candidate's slogan is: "There's space for everyone under the sun."

And the candidate's name is... ha-ha... Satanovsky...

Satanovsky Mykola Artemovych...


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