Saturday, July 14, 2007

Comments to this piece about Crimean Tatars (RUS) really stink. I won't translate any of it - because I'm sick of the same kind of xenophobic shit that the Russian blogosphere is full of. Turns out Ukraine's no different in this respect.


  1. Unfortunately, it's not just the blogosphere... See what they are writing on the official website of a large Ukrainian University:


  2. omg! MAUP - which should have shut down ALONG time ago for its xenophobic, neo-nazi crap. Unfortunately in the 'free speech' category, Ukraine has not yet realized the difference bet. free speech and hate speech. Hope it will change soon.

  3. Actually, Ukraine is different in this respect, because Crimea is full of Russians, who believe that Crimea is part of Russia and not Ukraine.

    As noted in one comment, in Ukrainian, not Russian:

    Дуже дивно, що для коментування подій на українській території використовуються метеріали "РИА Новости" та "Интерфаксу", добре відомих своєю обєктивністю та незаангажованістю...

    Meaning, of course, that comments are being posted from Russia or by those who seek to make Crimea a part of Russia.

    If you go to PORA's web site, you will find Russians carrying on about Crimea on a daily basis for over 3 years now.

    And who is it that comes out for all the NATO protest? All of the russkie babushkas, who plop themselves on the sidewalk with little pup tents and call it a "protest" - and, of course, all of the Russians who have driven over to Crimea with Russian license plates at the order of Zvirinovsky, just for the excitement of another NATO protest.