Saturday, May 05, 2007

When we were making our hotel reservations back in March, we thought we were doing it sort of early - or, just in time. But we were late, and this is why we had to change rooms yesterday. Not a big deal, as long as we stay at this hotel.

The place - Kybele Hotel at Yerebatan Caddesi - is like home, and people here are family.

I used to consciously keep myself from writing about Kybele - guarding a secret, sort of - but there's no use to anymore: there are way too many visitors here anyway, and we've nothing to lose. So here goes:

I do recommend this Istanbul hotel to everyone - though I hope I've no jerks in my readership, and I also hope that none of you will beat us to a room next time we travel here again :)

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  1. How strange. A few months ago I was sitting at the little cafe opposite the Kybele and saying to my girlfriend, that looks like a nice place, perhaps we should stay there next time...