Monday, May 07, 2007

We're back in Moscow: it was a very short trip, but it went really great.

This time, I spent very little time photographing the city, and when I did, I was just shooting randomly, while walking, so there are very few quality pictures. I guess I overdid it on my previous trips: wherever I looked now, I knew I'd be repeating myself if I paused to take a picture...


The revelation of this trip (our tenth one, I guess) is how much Turkish people love children and how eagerly they show their affection. All those beautiful young men, pinching Marta's cheeks, saying, "Masaallah, cok guzel!" - this is something I'll definitely miss here...


  1. low quality pictures?
    I beg to differ - the one who posted is great! I love the guy looking straight into the lens and the juxtaposition of the Western woman with her low cut Western blouse and jeans in between two veiled women - priceless with the old man selling religious art - fabulous. You could never shoot a bad picture. Awesome - everything but the smell comes across in your photo! More please!

  2. thanks! this is actually one of the "good" pics, the rest are not so informative.

    have you noticed the winnie-the-pooh plastic bag that one of the veiled women carries, the one who's closer to the old men selling the Kaaba Stone in Makkah posters? i love it.

    about the smell - it's funny that you mention it: as i wrote earlier, i was so sick throughout this trip, i didn't feel any smells at all...

    as for the sounds, this place was so loud that even though my right ear wasn't doing well, either, i was still pretty overwhelmed - they were selling kids' clothing there, really cheap, just outside the spice bazaar, and every vendor was trying to outshout the neighbor.

  3. I agree with anonymous, I like that contrast between the dress of the three woman at right. Of course I want to read things into it, and I think of it as a bike race with the western dressed woman breaking out of the group and striding ahead, or something. But I know that is silly.