Sunday, April 01, 2007

Before I move on to the videos, I'd like to say that I'm so proud of us Ukrainians - so proud of how peaceful we are. What a day - and not a single casualty. Just tons of garbage, which is being cleaned right now, and lots of drunks, whose political preferences are impossible to tell unless they carry a little flag or something.

There are idiots everywhere, of course, so - on to the videos.

Here's the old anti-Semite I mentioned in the previous post - he's using a Ukrainian flag as a weapon against an elderly pro-Yanukovych woman:

And here's the same guy, saying bad things about Jews and hitting me with the flag - though you can't really see it in this video, sorry, except for when he tried to hit me good-bye, sort of, but I stepped back just in time...

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