Thursday, July 06, 2006

A tiny update (and a response to Sasha, sort of):

Instead of sending the flag photo to CNN, I've sent the woman-walking-through-garbage one to Gazeta po-Kievski. Who knows, maybe they'll come over and do a story, and then the assholes will show up and clean the mess.

I feel somewhat idiotic, like a babushka, writing letters to newspapers and all, but I really want something to be done about it!

The neighbor, by the way, said that maybe they should write to Yushchenko, and I thought it was so childish of her to hope he would help in such a (seemingly) trivial matter.


  1. A trivial matter? Maybe, but people care about trivial things, too. If Yuschenko was more of a take-charge get-it-done sort, that might be a viable tactic.

    Sounds like the sort of thing Chernovetsky might get excited about helping with-- is Puscha-Vodytsia under his jurisdiction?

  2. I was thinking this morning you should call some newspaper or a TV station in a very "babushka" type of way. I guess this could work!