Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dialup's a torture but I'm not complaining - it could've been worse: there could've been no internet here at all.

The air is amazing here. The apartment is hideous. But Mishah has made it survivable and we'll add a few more things tomorrow. The landlady didn't bother to wash the floor and clean the bathroom before we moved in - even though I thought that was my main condition that she had eagerly agreed with.

I hope Marta will enjoy her summer here.


  1. I adore you and occasionally want to bop you over the head. you are as compelling as fustrating. Where are you guys going, with your talent, and what are your aspirations.. ambitions? I, like many perhaps, found you from the orange days and ny times story. I have no clue, despite your regular postings, how you live, get by, and survive.. like what does Mishah do, or you, to live anywhere or now in Pushcha Vodytsya? I admire much too much to leave on a note of anything but deep appreciation. a still anonymous US viewer.... be well.

  2. Dear Still Anonymous,

    With this bop-over-the-head business, I'd rather you stayed anonymous for as long as possible. Otherwise, thank you for your kind words )))))))))