Friday, May 19, 2006

This is our backyard, too. A couple of days ago. The guy fell off the bench shortly after I took the picture. Very theatrical.

I've been planning to write a piece called Planet Besarabka since 2002 - but I got bogged down hopelessly in the first few paragraphs. Maybe the title's wrong: the immensity of it all, is it really possible to squeeze everything into one piece?

From my balcony at night, I used to watch really interesting scenes down at the playground - like a theater spectator. I really can't wait to write about one or two I took notes on.

And I would never allow Marta to live in that room facing the playground: it'd teach her to curse before she learned how to talk.


  1. We do not want Marta cursing. She is way too beautiful for that. I have been reading a lot of your fiction lately. Very good. I am impressed.

  2. Veronica, you write fiction? Where?

    Regarding "Planet Besarabka," I know Besarabka is a market in Kyiv but because of the origin of the place-name you should definitely check out a site called, which has hilarious cartoons and audio skits, although the animated shorts - - are the only things that will be at all appreciable unless you know Romanian as it's spoken in Moldova.