Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I had a news story dream tonight: it was a report on how a few Belarusian activists went away from the square for a while to get warm, and by the time they returned, the police had taken down all of their tents, and Milinkevich was really pissed.

System overload in my head, I guess.


In real-life Belarus, the protesters have survived the night without major incidents - for Belarusian LJ updates see Ivan Lenin's translations at Rush-Mush/Russian Mushroom.

(An aside: a tiny explanation of this Lenin-Russian-Mushroom (and Sergey Kuryokhin) thing is here: "...Kuryokhin was a controversial figure in his time, once appearing on Russian television to prove that Lenin was not a human being, but rather a mushroom.")


And while I'm at it (the musicians), here's a familiar revolutionary theme: Lyavon Volski, a Belarusian rock musician, intends to invite U2 to sing in Belarus (via 19, in Russian).

I hope someone does tell Bono this time that it'd be a fun and useful thing to do. Please.


More on Lyavon Volski and his band NRM in this March 2 Guardian piece by Nick Paton Walsh:

There's no official ban on NRM, but it only takes a phone call from the police for the director of the concert hall to cancel a gig, says Volski. "This country reminds me of the USSR in miniature. Now is the time for people who got C-grades at school. Everyone talented has gone abroad. But if I did not think democratic forces could triumph, I would have left long ago," he says.


  1. Lukashenko can't stop you! The media is watching and he is afraid! Everyone needs to come back out in larger numbers and... well, it's just right in front of you. Take it.

  2. I doubt U2 (at least as a whole) can make it. Their guitarist's daughter is rumored to be very sick, possibly with leukemia. They just cancelled several tour dates in Australia and Hawaii.