Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm terribly sorry for spreading rumors... U2 never came to Kyiv... Imagine how disappointed I am...

Here's what I wrote back in November (and then this entry got linked by Instapundit, which means so many people must have seen it that, who knows, maybe someone ended up telling someone else and then it reached Bono somehow and then he decided to show up at Maidan as a surprise treat... See, I did have some reasons to naively believe the rumor...):

I heard U2's Pride (In the Name of Love) the other day, coming from someone's car radio near Maidan. It was quite a change after five days of Ukrainian bands, very good and not so, playing day and night - and I wished Bono had come over here - man, wouldn't that be cool... Of the Russians, I'd love to see Zemfira and B-2... Anyone would do, actually... And if not, our bands are cool, too - VV, Okean Elzy, Tanok na Maidani Congo, etc. Oh, and I wish Gogol Bordello, a NYC band, came here to play on Maidan - they are currently my favorite - Through the roof! And underground! - and their lead singer is Ukrainian!

Actually, I've no idea which bands played at Maidan at all - and I wonder what the surprise they'd been promising turned out to be...

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  1. I have kept wondering about Gogol Bordello - when would I see the singer on stage at Maidan or when their site would go orange, ... but then although the lead singer is Ukrainian most of their fan base seems to be Russian speaking and leaning towards Soviet but in a funky kind of way. I did think that the song Purple could be reworked to Start wearing orange very easily but no go. It has soured the band for me somewhat.