Monday, January 24, 2005

A really nice set of Jan. 23 pictures at Blog de Connard.

I miss Kyiv so much...


  1. Neeka, this is what the blogger Haroon Moghul (Avari-Nameh blog which you promote on your blog), an Islamist, replied to somebody who expressed the well known fact that when prophet Mohammad slept with his 16th wife by the name of Ayesha, she was only 8 years 9 months old.

    Haroon Moghul replies:

    "You're honestly a retard. Big fat retard." (note the personal attack against a commentator posting a fact and exercising his/her freedom of speech, and hatred of fat people)

    "You're a retard who'd be lucky to sleep with an 8-year old." (note again the personal attacks and slander)

    Neeka shame on you to put Avari-Nameh on your favorite blog list.

    There is nothing liberal or democratic about these Islamists on this weblog who wish to destroy democracy and institute religious rule. And you claim Neeka that you are on the side of the Orange Revolution?

    I guess democracy and freedom are good for you, but too good for others, especially if they are oppressed moslems yearning for freedom.

    Lets see you come out for the rights and freedoms of millions of moslems, instead of supporting weblogs that promote suicide bombers, blasphemy capital laws, who discriminate against women, and who wish to have self-appointed priests rule over men.


    - askarzadeh

  2. Stop spamming kid. Take it to her email.

    I sympathize with you Neeka. And I've never even been to Kiev! The events over the past two months, all the photos, all the emotions I've seen (or rather, read, though there are the sporadic videos), have really touched me. Here's to Ukraine.