Thursday, January 19, 2006

Via b0ris (via Estee) - a Jan. 4 issue of the Ukrainian Communist Party's newspaper - complete with a Christmas greeting, the "Workers of the world, unite!" line, a picture Lenin, a picture and a message of Symonenko, the party's leader, and a picture and a message from an Orthodox Christian patriarch... Unfuckingbelievable.


  1. At least its written in cyrillic! can't be that bad :)

    A few more years(decades)watching RTR planeta and ill probably be able to decipher this stuff.

  2. be carefull with watching rtr planeta, augusto! you may as well get brainwashed :)

    -- mishah

  3. What I don't understand is why ROC (I think this is right) still remains tied to supporting the old system. It can't just be "slow to change" - what deals/agreements are still in effect and why?