Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh my God, look at these pictures in Ukrainska Pravda... The holiday is called Vodokhreshchennya (water baptism?)...

I hope our reckless president doesn't get pneumonia after this - I don't want another presidential election, in addition to the March 26 one. Yanukovych is way more careful.

And that guy with a hairy back - who is he? "It's like he's wearing a sweater," my mama just said.


  1. Neeka, I enjoyed Savik Shuster's programm very much, thank you for the link. And I wanted to ask, if you know, if there ary any good tv or radio progaramms in Ukrainian in the net.

    I'm asking because I used to speak Ukrainian quite well, but since more than a year I have absolutely no contact with it and I forgot a lot. I'd be great to practice ;)

    best regards,

    Marek (Warsaw)

  2. Veronichka, that holiday is called Epiphany... if I'm not wrong. Another name for it here is Jordan.

  3. (not Neeka but reader)

    For me the best is 5kanal - can download
    video/audio/read latest news.

    english version

    radiobroadcast via Internet - though they also do broadcasts in German and English - and I don't know if the meet your qualification of "good"
    is Radio Ukraine International