Sunday, November 06, 2005

There were so many cops at our playground today, waiting for the orders that never came, I guess. Very surreal...

There were plenty of young Communists on Khreshchatyk, too; Mishah saw them, but by the time I went out, they were gone. When Mishah was describing them, he mentioned that they looked a little like those we saw in Istanbul, and it occurred to me that, in my perception, Russian and Ukrainian Communists differ quite drastically from their Turkish or American comrades, their age being the main distinction. Unlike their old-fart mentors, the young ones may possibly change something for the better - like, organize trade unions that are of some use to anyone other than those who run them: good luck, is all I can say. But horrible history is not going away, never, and it would've been so much nicer if there were a force capable of accomplishing something - but free of all those historical sins and carrying a different name.


  1. Regarding Unions and Class Struggle, i think it just works for the benefit of other nations, since perpetual war between employers and employees, or strikes doesn't increase the Comprehensive National Power, only cripples the industry.

    There has to be a way of convincing workers not to ask too much and bosses not to give too little, but its just so complicated.

    At least from my perspective, Unions can simply stay somewhat outside politics and systematically criticize everything, and propose great measures, not having to deal with the consequences.

    Lets raise all salaries 50% per year, great!

    I was thinking that perhaps a way to make Unions stop being on the outside constantly sniping, would be interesting if they could be included in the decisions, like, lets say, all Unions in a country account for 5% of the population (in members), then they could have 5% of seats in Parliament.

    This way, whenever something goes wrong, they just can't position themselves as if they had nothing to do with it.

    It will never happen though, why would Union leaders would ever want to be in a place where they can be criticized for a change, when they are so safe just sniping.

    Or a Contract, companies would be run 5 years by Unions, if they can't pull it off, they have to shut up for 20 years.

    Perhaps this is out of context, but at least in my experience, and from my perspective, unions simply destroyed the little industry my country had.

    P.S. - I like those hats, the policemen are wearing, forgot the name :)

  2. Oops, forgot to paste a link

  3. Oh, I'm a complete dilettante in this matter. All I know is that the unions we've got now seem to be nothing but a facade: fat, thug-looking guys holding lavish meetings devoted to something that has little to do with reality, doing too much talking and nothing practical. As for the demands, my guess is that many people would be happy to be getting their tiny salaries on time, every month, not once every six months, that's all, for now at least... Certainly, none of the French excesses... I'm sure this sounds very naive - but oh well.

  4. The cops' hats: it's a mix of ushanka and furazhka, not sure what it's called when it's two in one... :-)

  5. I don't know what is the solution to the thug problem, and this of course is not only Unions, but i don't think they have much future, what goes around comes around.

    On the other hand , and even though so many people don't agree, i think that countries such as Ukraine and Russia, and basicly Eastern Europe, have such a promising future.
    "who cares about the future, i want it now" <- hehe.. can almost imagine someone telling this..

    In 20, 30 years, things will have changed so much, i am 100% certain my country incredibly worse off, and the East a lot better, possibly better than Germany.

    This is my belief at least.

    About Democracy and such, im not sure if it poses a risk , precisely because these thugs are granted rights under a Democracy, and even though this might sound radical, i think criminals and such should simply be shot, i mean the harm they cause to the group is immense. I don't know how the society can get rid of them, but they really have to go. Personally any method would do, though of course, then we enter the risks of innocent people getting caught in the process.. and all of this depending of having decent people in power.. but it will happen.

    Regarding being naive. this will sound even more naive, but.. why can't a country like Russia, just form a special team, KGBish or FSBish and just take out every single mafia and skinhead.

    If one consider the harm, that these criminals have done, they make terrorists look like choir boys, if terrorists have no rights why should mafia have any rights?

    Without Law and Order, things become so complicated.

    Someone from Belarus once told me, that the Government IS the Mafia, now that's just too complicated for me to understand :)

    I don't really care about forms of regime, i just like results, better life for everyone, less crime, etc.

    Now how to do this? put every politician on a polygraph? i would vote for that!