Monday, November 07, 2005

Now we are trying to decide where to have the baby in Kyiv.

Roddom #7 - 23 photos - is a likely choice, if only because someone has recommended a doctor here (though Kyiv is such a small place, comparatively, that it seems each one of the city's few maternity hospitals has been recommended to us by now).

The doctor's okay (sounds and acts like Yulia Tymoshenko, only she's at least ten years older). The place seems as depressing as those three that I saw in Moscow, but I'm so tired I don't really care anymore.

One thing we felt terrible about today was having to be on the floor full of very pregnant, hospital-clad women - while we were wearing our street clothes, with all the germs on us and all - but this is how things work here. At least, I haven't seen a single cockroach running by. We assumed this was the floor for those who were having their babies free of charge; it'd be nice if the floors where they keep the patients who pay aren't as easily accessible, though I wouldn't expect too much.

The writings on the asphalt below the hospital's windows didn't really excite me as much as they did back in Moscow - maybe because I was taking pictures and, at once, trying to get used to the thought that this was, most likely, the place... One thing I noticed, though, was that roughly half the writings were in Ukrainian, not Russian.

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