Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Via Abdymok, a boring text about Ukraine and Olena Prytula in Mother Jones, and a more informative piece about Serhiy Leshchenko at BBC News:


Serhiy Leshchenko was not the only journalist shocked at such a response from the previously mildly spoken president, known for his gallant manners.

But it is perhaps unsurprising that in recent months a few articles on the Ukrainska Pravda website have been signed "Serhiy Stuffed-Face". [...]


My own entries on Andriy Yushchenko scandal are here:

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What am I wasting my time on? I can't believe I've just spent 15 minutes sifting through my old posts, looking for mentions of Yushchenko's son... Must be the beginning of Part 2 of my 'nesting instinct' - gotta clean everything up, leaving no loose ends... Part 1 hit me two months ago...

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  1. ...With regard to your criticism, bear in mind that a good proortion of Mother Jones' readership would be hard pressed to find Ukraine on a map, much less discuss intelligently anything to do with Ukrainian politics or culture.

    The whole piece to me reeks of copy hastily written to meet a deadline.

    On reflection I'm rather surprised at what I've just written, as MJ has a long history of skylining the hypocrisy and excesses of those in power Stateside... rather like Ukrainska Pravda does for its readers.

    And yes, the BBC story is much better.