Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Roddom #25 (6 Fotievoy St., m. Leninsky Prospekt) - a scary place, squeezed behind a huge construction site; two very tall buildings are being erected right next to the hospital, 50 or so meters away from it - 47 photos:


Some more Armenian writing on the wall, this time both in Armenian and Russian, and a drawing of Mount Ararat, next to the little girl's name, Meline! (And while I was walking around, taking pictures, a serious-looking Armenian man stood by the hospital building, talking to his wife (or sister) up on the third floor. I even recognized a few Armenian words I used to know a long, long time ago!)


Stuff that covers the roddom walls reminds me a little of the post office building in Kyiv a year ago, which, in its turn, used to remind us all of Reichstag in May 1945.

Joy that has to be documented somehow.


Smog has gotten really bad and I can't write anymore now.


  1. Number 25 used to have a good reputation and is probably still a decent roddom now. I'd gladly buy a flat in one of these new buildings if I could afford it. Haven't seen them yet but Fotiyeva seems a pretty nice and expensive strip.

    I bet you'll end up giving birth at Tsentr Planirovaniya Sem'i. :-)

  2. Yes, we've been thinking of TsPSiR, everyone does, it seems, but it shuts down for washing in late December, and though I'm due earlier, it'll probably be even more crowded there then than ever...

    I did hear good things about #25 and that's why I went to look at it yesterday - but I'd recommend everyone to stay away from it for the next few months. All the drilling and trucks and cranes, all the noise and dust... Crazy.

    To have an apartment there would be good, though, you're right :-)