Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've just posted 36 photos from the two Moscow maternity hospitals I've visited so far. I hope to have more notes and some translations later.

- Roddom #10
22 Azovskaya St., m. Kakhovskaya - 12 photos:

- Roddom of the Clinical Hospital #29
2 Gospitalnaya Sq., m. Aviamotornaya - 24 photos:


Both series end with greeting messages that happy fathers, other relatives and friends leave on the roddom walls and on the ground beneath the new mamas' windows. My favorite is by some Armenian guy who was so overjoyed he was climbing the walls, scribbling his son's name, Ashot, everywhere he could: "Kristina gave birth to Ashot, 2000" ('gave birth' is misspelled - radila instead of rodila)...

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