Friday, October 28, 2005

PRI's The World is airing Andrew Sussman's tribute to Oleg Lundstrem today - the text is here.

My photos from that March 2004 interview are here - and I'm even mentioned in the text!..


Muscovites are hard to impress. They're big city blasé. But when I told friends I was going to see Oleg Lundstrem, the man who created tunes like Atom Boogie, they took note. Wait till I tell my Dad, said my friend Veronica. Get his autograph, Andrei advised me. And from one Western reporter, bring two notebooks. He has many, many stories and they're all great.


My papa was indeed very excited to learn that I had met Lundstrem in person; he was also very happy to see the pictures that I took, and a little video of Lundstrem talking of how he first began playing jazz - and I do hope papa still has all these on his computer, because I've somehow managed to lose the originals...


Oleg Lundstrem died on October 14, at the age of 89. My post about it on this blog is here.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Veronica. Those are really nice photos. I'll have to listen to that story when I get a minute.