Friday, October 28, 2005

Pregnancy notes:

Didn't fit into my high winter boots two days ago. Dresses and pants I understand, but footwear?

Getting up from the couch is an exercise in weightlifting.

Was planning to go for a walk today but got really exhausted while putting the boots on; got outside and realized that it was way too slippery; also, the air's much cleaner around the ninth floor, not down there in the street; ended up going to the store and back; on the way there, I was still trying to catch my breath after the struggle with the boots.

My pants keep sliding down my belly, but that's nothing compared to my fear of shoelaces getting untied in the middle of the street.

One of my greatest irrational fears is of my waters breaking while I'm on the subway during rush hour.


  1. Thank you for this sweet vignette. How easy us men have it. If Mishah is like I was when our three children were born, he will feel helpless and frustrated that he can't do more to help you through it. I was a nervous wreck, and frankly I'm glad its behind us. But now that they are all big, I wish we could start again.

  2. I heard a great story about a woman with the same fear - she carried a jar of pickles with her constantly which she could drop if the worst came to pass - shenever had to drop the jar.

  3. Thanks so much for cheering me up - I really, really need it!!!

    All the best to you, guys, and your families!

  4. Veronica, I hope you have some nice tapachki on hand because you'll be wearing for a while. It's worth having a nice pair so you don't feel like a shuffling peasant around the house. Right after pregancy I spent a lot of time with my feet up in the air trying to get the swelling down. It was ridiculous. Keep on walking, though! It's good to get out and move around, as annoying as it all is.

  5. Well, i don't think the fear of subways regarding pregnancy is that irrational, in fact it sounds quite rational to me.

    Having a child must be amazing, even though i personally am more curious as to what type of persons childs become, as opposed to the cuteness of the child in itself.

    You're about to have your own descendancy, and another generation will remember you, surely this compensates 9 months of inconvinience.

    I was having this strange thought, i mean when you write and read, i wonder what will the baby be thinking about, wonder if he/she can go like "No Mom, don't write this, write that instead". :)

    Baby censorship!

    Good luck.