Friday, September 09, 2005

More Yulia Tymoshenko searches (yesterday's are here)... Tymoshenko ass's golden braid does evgenia tymoshenko get married hair braid tymoshenko smoker tymoshenko hairdo tymoshenko heels dress Tymoshenko nipple hairpiece tymoshenko in pantyhose of Yulia Tymoshenko legs Tymoshenko childhood

No one comes to this blog looking for Yushchenko, Poroshenko, Yanukovych, Putin or Fradkov. I wonder why.



I'll keep updating this post, instead of creating new ones, as I stumble into more.

Another update:

Cool, the other side, Poroshenko, is finally getting some attention. Here's a recent search that landed someone on this blog - though the original search was for 'neeka's backlog' and I suspect this someone is just playing along: fat bastard


  1. Came from Orange Ukraine...

    09.10.05 - 2:11 am

  2. Neeka, you smarty, you've rumbled me! ;-) However, it's true, I never trusted him! BTW, I moved to Paris today! :-)

    09.11.05 - 9:08 pm