Friday, July 29, 2005

Yesterday, someone named Panas Periperdenko, of The Young Naturalist, Kirovohrad, was listed as #556 on the petition for a while - that name is as unlikely as, say, Archibald Overfartson, and it's good someone at Ukrainska Pravda noticed and deleted it.

If they really want to be taken seriously, by Yushchenko or anyone else, they should spend some time looking carefully through the list of people who have signed the petition, getting rid of those who appear more than once, checking all the names for authenticity.

That's a lot of work - but not as much as raising a good, modest son.

So far, 659 names, including three Stepan Sachuks and two Ivan Kolodiys (#278 and #439).

The original petition, with the names, in Ukrainian, is here; its English translation is here.

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