Thursday, July 28, 2005

All of a sudden, I'm so sick of Moscow. I wish we had a dacha or relatives in a village. Or a car.


  1. veronika, welcome to kaniv (it's damn *cool* there now, u know :-)

    07.28.05 - 10:07 pm

  2. Thank you, estee!!! First, I need to get back to Kyiv, of course, and that's sort of problematic right now... But thank you for at least reminding me that the world isn't limited to Moscow...

    07.28.05 - 10:35 pm

  3. I feel that way quite often about Chicago where I live now. We have a car, but the problem here is that there's no where to go. To go anywhere
    halfway nice - like northern Wisconsin - is a good six hour drive. Much too long for the weekend unfortunately...

    07.28.05 - 11:16 pm

  4. Privet Veronica,

    In the morning I'm driving my truck to the cabin in Montana to entertain my relatives who showed up from California. I'll probably have a good time, but I wish I were going to Moscow instead. That would be cool for me.

    You guys have an invitation to come to the cabin. Hope you can make it over sometime.

    BTW, that is a beautiful photo of a butterfly. The other photo is cool as well. I'm starting to think that you can't take a bad photo!

    07.29.05 - 7:55 am

  5. Don, dear, thank you, both for the invitation and for liking my photos! Getting to the States is a lot more difficult than getting to Kaniv - first, we have to go to Kyiv, and then there's the whole U.S. visa procedure, a pain in the ass as well as quite a lottery. With my fear of flying, I'll probably only go to the States when they no longer require Ukrainians to get a visa - I doubt it'll ever happen... I do have moments when I feel I'd be able to spend 8 hours on the plane, and 8 more on the way back, and it'd be nice, in these moments, to just buy a ticket and go, without having to think of visas and stuff... Anyway, have a wonderful time in Montana - and do visit us in Ukraine and/or Russia sometime!!!


    Jeffrey, you reminded me of what a treat Chicago used to be when I lived in Iowa City... Four hours and you're in a different world!..

    07.29.05 - 11:39 am

  6. Don is right - your photograghy is amazing.
    I am so desperate to get out of New York city - that a help wanted ad for a fruit picker in Canada is really tempting me.

    07.29.05 - 2:58 pm

  7. Thank you, Hello!

    I wish I could say that the only reason I'm not helping someone to pick fruit in the fresh air is because I'm pregnant, but that would be such a lie - I am and have always been lazy...

    07.29.05 - 3:07 pm