Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm reading Kingsley Amis' Girl, 20 that I bought at one of the used book stores near us. On either Bolshaya or Malaya Nikitskaya, there's a place that sells all kinds of antiques, in addition to the books, and I love going there because of the suprise factor: every once in a while someone leaves a nice - and cheap - volume, could be anything, and it's such a pleasure to unearth it from beneath dozens of trash mysteries and romance books... Even when I leave the store empty-handed, I'm happy, because of all the adrenaline that the expectation is giving me.

Anyway, here's a new word I've just learned - related to my previous entry:

psephology - the statistical and sociological study of elections
(from Greek psephos: pebble, vote - from the ancient Greeks' custom of voting with pebbles)

In December, it'll be ten years since I took my GRE test - and somehow words like this still make me shudder...

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