Friday, December 10, 2004

Putin and Kuchma look like two sweethearts on the cover of this week's Kommersant-Vlast - but the texts really worth reading in this issue (in Russian) are the ones related to the tenth anniversary of Russia's disaster in Chechnya:
  • A View from Grozny: journalists Mikhail Lukin, Musa Muradov and Dmitry Kamyshev talk about how ordinary and un-warlike everything appeared at the very beginning of the first Chechen War
  • Interview with General Gennadiy Troshev about the army's inadequate preparedness to the war that lasted "613 days, killed over 5,000 Russian soldiers and as of yet unknown number of civilians"
  • Interview with Hasan Baiev, a Chechen surgeon who lives in the States now but spent both wars working in Chechnya

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  1. A little over a year ago Dr. Baiev gave a presentation in a nearby town. I was deeply moved by his depiction of how the children have suffered from this war. On my blog I put a link to the foundation that tries to assist in their aid;

    I think the children are always the most effected by war, in addition to their injuries, the emotional scars last a lifetime and of course their education is interupted.