Friday, December 10, 2004

For those who can read in Russian, the transcript of a very interesting Radio Ekho Moskvy interview with a Russian "poitical technologist" Stanislav Belkovskiy.

I, unfortunately, am too sleepy now to translate even one shortest bit of it... I'm sorry. Maybe tomorrow.


Another Ekho Moskvy interview, also in Russian - with Taras Chornovil.

I'm posting this link here not because I think this interview is worth reading - no, it is not - but because I want to have it on hand in case this little schmuck attempts to switch sides again after Yanukovych loses the election.

I've realized that it hurts to even say his last name out loud, Chornovil, because it has always been the name of an admirable, courageous, brilliant person, his father, Vyacheslav Chornovil, and not of a coward, an imbecile who, judging by this interview, resembles his current boss a lot in that they both can neither think clearly, nor express their little retarded thoughts coherently.

This guy has been the greatest shock and disappointment of this election. Andriy Shevchenko, our/Milan's football star, follows closely behind.

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  1. LA Times has a mildly informative soundbite rundown of the "polittechnologist" debate in Russian media.

    Contradicting the claims that the uprising was planned in advance, published a detailed story on the logistics of Kyiv demonstrations (in Russian), which paints a picture of astonishing organization emerging from improvised chaos.

    Another Misha